Doggy Dog Tag - 4Paws
Doggy Dog Tag - 4Paws
Doggy Dog Tag - 4Paws

Doggy Dog Tag Offer

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Get your dog a dog tag... and ensure their safety at the same time!

This exclusive item includes a unique "doggy dog tag" container that stores a message inside should your dog get lost, giving the finder your name, address and number so they can get 'Paws' home safely!

This tag features a honeycomb scored, 2-part barrel case that screws together to ensure the safety of your message. Other than giving 'Paws' a cool unique look this tag allows for you to handwrite a personal message that your dog will have on them at all times.

This tag comes complete with a 10mm split ring, for easy attachment to the collar

Please read the sizing information below before purchasing to ensure you are happy with the fit.


Sizing Information
Each tag comes with a note which requires handwriting your details.

This tag comes in one size. The sizing is as follows:

LENGTH 2.5 cm
WIDTH: 1cm

If you have any questions you can send us a message over Facebook and we will get back to you ASAP.